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Constantly the staff of INTEGRA AES performs services in urban planning, architecture and civil engineering. The Technical Direction has distinguished itself for the capacity to deal with various topics, in such a vast field (operating also in the military field), and achieving highquality results. As a matter of fact, in urban planning the projects have been spread over a range of fields from planning of new settlements, urban planning (streets, squares, sewer systems, aqueducts etc.), to urban requalification. In the civil construction field the projects have included renovations (also of monuments), and more challenging commissions like public structures (new city halls, schools, etc.) defining in the finest details both architectural and more typical engineering aspects. Managing the internal processes, the choice has been to pay particular attention to the architectural language, interpreting the clients expectations by adopting, sometimes innovative, high profile engineering solutions.
For INTEGRA AES, engineering is the tool through which solutions for architectural choices can be expressed.
The knowledge of materials and construction techniques has also allowed to acquire a sensibility, that consents to keep an eye always open on economical aspects, to find easy-to-build solutions, and to work on, and improve, on-site security. Through the Office of Project Management and On-Site Security Services, the Technical Direction has managed execution of numerous project sites, completing the works continuously on time, without incidents and keeping clear accounts. Thanks to an attentive company policy concerning the operations connected to external and internal communication and relations.
In many occasions the Technical Direction has been called in by public and private subjects, to supply them with determinant consultancies in various kinds of situations, in both juridical as well as extra-juridical contexts.
Activities such as cultural promotion, supported by universities, governmental organizations and private associations and companies, and turned into exhibitions or specialized publications, should be added to this brief overview of the practiced exercises.



Project Highlights

Kindergartens Expansion

School-Cover image in evidenza

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FAO Conference Room


Palazzo Ex Unione Militare

ex unione militare

Sepulchra Scipionum

sepolcro scipioni

Environmental rehabilitation works

via statilia