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Design verification finalized to the project validation

By means of its dedicated technical structure VERA QTC, INTEGRA AES offers services of verification finalized to project validation in compliance with the European norm UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005. Such services consist of a complete set of controls on design packages to verify the fulfillment of every technical, functional and normative requirement correlated to each design stage.

Among the objectives of the verification process, there is the control of:

– the design package completeness;

– the consistency with every aspect of the project budget;

– the feasibility of the design solution;

– the expected life cycle management of the new infrastructure facility;

– the minimization of risk deriving from design changes, claims and litigation;

– the likelihood to complete works on schedule;

workers’ safety;

– the adequacy of the adopted unit prices;

– the maintainability of the works performed.

All the controls are carried out on project documentation at each stage of the process, depending on the design level and with reference to the following main aspects:





Such service is intended both for public and private Clients, who want to be sure of the independence of the control on the projects, they are going to propose to Bidders. In this way, the risk deriving from defects in bidding documents (first reason of claims, delays, design changes, cost increasing, etc.) can be drastically reduced.

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