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Inspection of work

The inspection services of the work include the activities through which, at the request and on behalf of second or third parties, the outcome of the various phases of development of a constructive process is examined in order to prevent both the non-compliance with design specifications previously occurred, or, more generally, the non-compliance with the objectives and constraints defined, informing every subject and operator that may be concerned.
Such inspection service has the following objectives:

Technical inspection on the works in order to bring  the risk associated with the posthumous ten-year insurance coverage policy, which the principal of inspection is obliged to issue and deliver to the contracting authority at the end of the work from the issue date of the certificate of provisional acceptance, within the estimated limits.

Technical inspection on the works in order to bring  the risk of the insurance indemnity of the policy, that the developer of inspection is obliged to contract and to deliver to the buyer when transferring the ownership considering the coverage “base” and the possible specific conditions and extended warranties, within the estimated limits.

– The evaluation of performance requirements and / or representations with respect to statutory and regulatory requirements and / or contractual obligations linked to specific types of work (public buildings, residential complexes, infrastructure, roads, etc..), so as to bring  the technical risk preventionwithin the estimated limits, through scheduled , careful, systematic and recorded check on the proper execution of the work, the quality of the materials used, the timing of implementation and expenditure developments, in order to guarantee the customer, noting any non-compliance and promote their resolution through appropriate actions in process quality and economy.