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Logistic Services

LOGICA ILS, company belonging to INTEGRA AES Group, is able to provide timely and fast Facility Management services. This goal is reached thanks to the integration of technical, economical and financial management principles.
Furthermore LOGICA ILS is organized so as to offer technical housing services through its , properly equipped and furnished premises (with workstations, servers, peripherals and, more generally, IT support, plotters, traditional and large format scanners, photocopiers, etc.). Meeting rooms, rest areas and virtual office services complete the offer.
The logistic facility is located in a central zone of Rome (Italy), in a high-quality context with main services. The premises are easily reachable by public transportation.
Taking advantage of  INTEGRA AES’s both long technical experience  and solid professional expertise, LOGICA ILS manages the development of its company processes supported by the certified quality management system ISO 9001:2008, the certified environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 and the certified H&S management system OHSAS 18001:2007.  This aims at guaranteeing excellent results in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of the Client.
Moreover LOGICA ILS offers advanced web services by means of  the dedicated branch of INTEGRA AES Group RESOURCESTORAGE AEwS.
Through the technical-organizational structure VERA QTC, LOGICA ILS provides services for design inspection finalized to project validation. The purpose is to ascertain the compliance of performance with both the expected design solutions and particular functional, normative and technical specifications shown in the design packages representing the different design stages. Beside these services, VERA QTC is able to provide highly specialized services in the field of work inspection (Quality Assurance), fundamental especially when the Client needs a third party verification over the work progress.
LOGICA ILS, hence, represents a logistic platform having the core scope of  coordinating and providing a large spectrum of  services required for Facility Management. The target is guaranteeing  the correct and effective management of facilities, from acquisition to maintenance.
As above mentioned,  LOGICA ILS is able to provide and coordinate Facility Management services and the correlated complementary ones.  These services include, but are not limited to:
– improvement of the internal services offered by the facility;
– the respect of the best level of both working and H&S conditions;
– the control of legitimacy of every facility belonging to the real estate;
– the competence and the promptness in performing its services;
– the continuous monitoring of the facility basic requirement conservation over its life-cycle;
– the execution of energy management and rationalization programs aimed both at limiting power demand and at environmental safeguard.
LOGICA ILS coordinates various services, from the internal ones (technical, inspective, etc.) to the external ones (operational), programming  and organizing job activities of the deployed operational personnel. More in detail, such activities are coordinated “in house” by means of experts, physical and IT platforms directly referred to LOGICA ILS. In this perspective, LOGICA ILS, whenever required, can nominate a Facility Manager at Client’s disposal.
All the tasks performed by LOGICA ILS, INTEGRA AES, VERA QTC and RESOURCESTORAGE AEwS follow the same standardized processes in order to better rationalize the overall management of the services and obtain a more advantageous interaction with the Client.