From the expansion, renovation and refurbishment of existing facilities to new civil and military infrastructures, our multidisciplinary team ensures that your building design meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and innovation.

Our specialized sectors include cultural heritage, military and industrial facilities, public buildings, such as schools and official buildings.

Our multidisciplinary team combines the functional and aesthetic requirements given by our client with references to local tradition and architecture.

We deliver integrated design services, including mechanical, electrical, HVAC and CIS systems, for example: lighting systems, air conditioning and ventilation, firefighting, safety, BMS, IT systems, wireless Internet access, telephone, public address, access control, CCTV and intrusion detections systems.

We commit to offer systems combining functionality with easy-to-use and high-quality features and with low operation and maintenance costs.

INTEGRA AES has been smoothly incorporating new tools and skills in order to implement the BIM approach. We opted for Autodesk Revit® as a software and we now consider BIM skills as an essential requirement in the recruitment of our technical staff.

BIM methods have clearly improved the co-ordination of the design from different disciplines and allow to resolve potential issues early enough to avoid extra costs or delays.

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