In order to guarantee that your project is delivered on time and within budget INTEGRA AES has implemented diversified tools.

  • Thorough Quality Management System
  • Project management web platform ResourceStorage®
  • Subsidiary company Logica ILS providing support for logistics
  • Multidisciplinary Team – allowing direct knowledge exchange with other engineering specialists and architects

Through our experience and the accomplishment of complex projects, our management team identifies the concerns up-front, in order to ensure a smooth project development process and if any unforeseen issue arise INTEGRA AES, due to its long experience in the field, is able to solve it in a timely manner.

We also believe that a successful project is achieved through an effective communication and we have developed a custom web platform to ease those aspects but we consider evenly important to have a good communication with all stakeholders (such as local contractors, suppliers or administration) involved in the project. As a result, our selected personnel have a significant experience in international projects, with communication skills in multicultural environments, to deliver clear outputs to the intended recipients.

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