Our activities are supported by our innovative Resource Storage™ platform (www.resourcestorage.net), which offers functionalities of project management, document archive, administrative management, procurement, program management and protection of classified data. Originally conceived as a document management platform, ResourceStorage® will soon be available in a new version to support the typical activities of an engineering and architecture company and its customers, facilitate project management and ensure maximum data protection.

Thanks to our long experience in the field of Quality Assurance and Project Management, we are fully aware that inspection and daily activities must be rigorously described, performed and reported at every stage of construction work.  It is also essential to ensure that the project team and stakeholders have full visibility on the information generated during construction.

This secured online platform, accessible only to pre-authorised users, is used to share documents and allow smooth communication between the Client, Contractor, Consultant and other potential partners. The development of the app that will allow IOS and Android users to benefit from further and more effective mobile services, including authentication through the biometric parameters available on the mobile device, is also underway.


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