From the refurbishment of existing facilities to the design of a new building, our accomplished projects include military compounds, military airports, industrial sites as well as official agencies buildings.

We provide our services in the Middle-East, North Africa and Europe and our team has an extensive experience managing complex projects in the Defense sector, with capabilities to adapt to the varying local conditions and consequently to the varying level of security protection.

We evaluate on a case-by-case basis each new assignment in order to provide our clients with reliable and custom-made solutions based on their specific site vulnerabilities. Our services in this field include services of blast assessment and the design of force protection measures:

Passive Force Protection Measures, for example the design of perimeter protection systems (T-walls, fences, guard towers, berms, etc.), FP gates and Entry Control Points.

Active Security Measures on institutional premises, public areas and sites, for example CCTV systems, baggage scanners, IDS, lighting and access control devices.

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