Being an engineer in 2014

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The conference “Professione ingegnere: il 2014” took place in Rome on June 26th, at the Rome Scout Centre. Eng. Luca Montesi, CEO at INTEGRA AES and Regional Representative at OICE, was one of the speakers invited to talk about the opportunities and challenges that professionals have to face in today’s markets.

During his talk, Eng. Montesi remarked the difficulty that Italian engineers meet when operating in the domestic market, as it is biased by a demand for less and less expensive services that unfortunately matches an offer of lesser and lesser quality services. He clearly pointed out that “if public and private clients will be willing to accept bids lowering costs up to a rate of 60-70%, for services that perform no more than 30-40% of a standard level service, trustworthy professionals will be cut out of any form of competition”.

On the other hand, he also highlighted that much better opportunities can be found when rising the sight to an international horizon. Such a widening of sight, though, requires a series of personal and professional investments, in order to lead to success, that can be grouped into five lines of action:

  • – Expansion of the market to which professional services are offered
  • – Search for networking and aggregative models of professionals and/or enterprises
  • – Certification of the performed services
  • – Investments in goods and services
  • – Taking advantage of all information and communication channels.

Click here to download a summary of Eng. Montesi’s talk (Italian).

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