Towards the Consolidated Act for Urban planning in the Latium region

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Last June 30th the Latium Regional Directorate for urban planning hosted a stakeholder hearing to spot out critical aspects and possible orientations concerning the Consolidated Act that shall update and improve urban planning regulation. Eng. Luca Montesi was there as the regional representative of OICE.

OICE offered observations on a number of themes as in previous hearings and remarked that, in spite of so many laws that govern urban planning today, the regulation shows a fundamental lack of medium- and long-term vision to effective planning and programming of interventions.

The themes on which OICE provided its key observations:

  • – A new model for urban planning
  • – Equalization, compensation and reward
  • – Requalification of Historic Downtowns
  • – Reduction of land consumption
  • – Dismissal and valorization of public real estate
  • – Reduction of burden for great importance works
  • – Environmental assessment to complement the urban planning process
  • – Need for an integrated, common database

Download the document with the summary of the observations proposed by OICE (Italian).

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