INTEGRA AES awarded with designing of water and fire-fighting system of the military compound “Vittorio Galiano” in Rome

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Thanks to its proven experience in plant engineering and refurbishment of historical buildings, INTEGRA AES has been awarded with designing of the water adduction and fire-fighting network for the renovation and functional upgrading works, to be issued through an integrated contract with COS.ED.IT s.r.l. on the building complex, used by the Corp of Guardia di Finanza and named Caserma “Vittorio Galiano” in Rome.

INTEGRA AES expresses great satisfaction with such an occasion to deal with a highly stimulating and multi-faceted project once again, as it is the one aimed at modifying premises located in an area with high environmental and archaeological value.

Moreover, the company warmly welcomes such a project, since it provides a most valuable opportunity to make INTEGRA AES’ expertise available in a synergetic relationship with Roman construction companies; strengthening the connection and solidarity between the various subjects involved, in fact, such cooperation will aim at an increase in quality and a reaction to the current economic and financial crisis.

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