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On October 6th, from 9.30 to 13, the workshop organized by OICE and ANCPL/Legacoop on ANAC norms 01/2016 will be held in Rome.

The event is going to deal with a matter of current interest, that is the recent ANAC guidelines on engineering and architectural services (download in preview) and is going to clarify the numerous new concepts introduced.

The presence of some ANAC representatives among the speakers is one of the most interesting aspects of the conference; therefore, it will be a valuable opportunity to correctly interpret the norms discussed.

With the new scenarios created by the approval of the recent Public Procurement Code and the following ANAC guidelines, whoever works in the engineering and architecture field will find an answer to the questions about the implementation of the new regulatory framework.

Given the importance of the event, Eng. Montesi advocates a strong turnout particularly of all the subjects operating in the field of engineering and architecture services.

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