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The workshop, organized by OICE and ANCE-Legacoop about the new ANAC guidelines 1/2016 for the award of architectural and engineering services and design decrees, took place on October 6th in Via Rieti in Rome.

As rapporteur, some representatives of ANAC and of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport shared their perspectives on the topic; the formers provided clarifications on the instructions given to Contracting Authorities to award technical services, while the latters explained the regulation on the point of being issued. Such regulation is currently being drafted by the Ministry and will define the requirements for both engineering societies and permanent consortia, along with single professionals and temporary groupings.

INTEGRA AES welcomed such initiative proposed by OICE and ANCE-Legacoop and joined it with interest. The meeting, in fact, gave a valuable support to fully understand ANAC guidelines in the framework of the powers entrusted to the Authority by the new Public Procurement Code; the workshop also clarified the implementation process of the Code and the following reform prospects.

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