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On October 19th and 20th, the entrepreneurial mission Italy & Serbia: Building Together, organised by ICE, OICE and ANCE, was held at the Italian Culture Centre in Belgrade; the meeting brought together many personalities, representing Italian and Serbian Governments and Institutions such as EBRD, EU and EIB.

On the first day of the event, the rapporteurs dealt with the intervention projects, proposed by the abovementioned international Organisations; besides, financial and legal aspects of business in Serbia were discussed and some testimonies of Italian companies, working in the area, were presented. During the second day, on the other hand, some kinds of fundamental infrastructure, specifically concerning hospitals, transportation, urban and municipal planning and energy, were analysed.

INTEGRA AES took active part in the initiative, promoting its expertise by means of B2B meetings and through the prior appointment of a local representative so as to bolster its accreditation in Serbia, to maintain effective relations with the industry operators and Italian and Serbian Institutions, to support the drafting of tender documentation.

Therefore, the conference was a valuable opportunity for discussion and exchange, offering the possibility to establish new professional and entrepreneurial connections with other subjects on Serbian territory; following such B2B meetings, in fact, INTEGRA AES is going to finalise some memoranda of understandings with operators already working on site.

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