OICE 2016 Report

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According to the OICE 2016 report (click here to download it, italian version), italian engineering, compared to the global production abroad, has risen from 24% to 47%.  The projects performed abroad totalize 427.2 M€, which is the 46.6% of the analyzed 2015 turnover (916.2 M€). The report highlights that 83.2% of the 2015 contracts were awarded to the major companies (>250 employees). The predominant geographical area is the Middle East followed by EU, Subsaharian Africa, Northern Africa, Non-EU European Countries. Amomg the most interesting EU countries, in the near future, there are Poland, Romania, Sweden and France. Outside EU the most attractive countries are Albania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey. In Middle East, Iran is an appealing area. In Asia there are Kazakhstan and Vietnam. In Africa the Maghreb and a considerable number of Sub-saharian Countries. This panorama is completed by Central America and Perù. The group of 36 companies (scrutinized in the OICE’s report) is operating abroad thanks to 160 branches, 238 joint-ventures, 2,581  “expatriate” employees and 498 local consultant.
These results confirm once again the correctness of INTEGRA AES strategy, always involved in consolidating and increasing its A&E services on international markets, mainly those recalled in the OICE 2016 report.

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