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The 9th and 10th March 2017 INTEGRA AES was at the regional infrastructure conference “the road to smart infrastructure”. The session led  by FIDIC, EFCA and ACES was held in the splendid venue of Hotel Hyatt, Belgrade.
The speakers, selected among regional and international experts, came from FIDIC’s and EFCA’s own Committees and task group members, including special advisors. During the meeting emerging issues and important developments have been brought up, like:
– Technologies of the future within the framework of procurement directives;
– Life cycle cost (LCC) and operation & maintenance (O&M) – a FIDIC gold book approach versus the proposed EU DBO form of contract;
– Best practice procurement as a result of using Digital Transformation and IoT (Internet of Things);
– BIM (Building Information Modelling) and its impact on FIDIC Contracts and Contract Management;
– Project Procurement between EU Directives and Multilateral Development Banks;
– Block-chain technology and integrity in procuring and implementing FIDIC contracts;
– Golden principles in using FIDIC contracts;
– Prevention and Dispute Avoidance. Claims: disputes with the help of BIM.
INTEGRA AES representatives, among the debated topics, found many elements of interest and sparks for reflection, especially those related to new technologies usage, legal/contractual implications, development of infrastructures.

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