Annual Survey A&E Sector

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The OICE”s annual survey on the performance of the Italian Architecture and Engineering companies sector was presented this month.

The report notes a recovery in the construction sector and a growth in the engineering and architecture services sector (with an increase of 5.6% in turnover).

INTEGRA AES, in line with this very positive trend, has even recorded an increase in its turnover of 28.5% from 2017 to 2018.

INTEGRA AES, which has been in business on the national and international market for more than 10 years, observes that despite the recovery of the national market, the companies of Architecture and Engineering of merit tend to orient themselves towards the opportunities abroad.

In fact, the complexity of the internal market with all its technical-administrative, decisional, technical-executive and legal-contractual issues, penalizes companies offering quality services and pushes them to move towards international markets and projects that offer greater fluidity from the tendering phase to the completion of services.

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