Yearly Report on A&E International Activities

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INTEGRA AES attended the presentation of the latest report on the Foreign Activities of the Italian Engineering and Architectural companies, published by OICE (Association of Italian A&E companies) in collaboration with CER (Research Institute).  As in previous years, INTEGRA AES sustains the event which provides useful updates on the international arena.

Click here to read the 2019 report. 

Our firm is consistent with the market trend, which indicates Asia and European countries as the focus markets of Italian Companies.

In fact, INTEGRA AES counts on a series of results achieved in the last year at international level, with numerous projects completed in Belgium, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and projects still underway in Syria and Afghanistan. Most of these assignments were awarded through our long term agreements with some of the main UN Agencies.

This year was also marked for us by the opening of a branch in Afghanistan, which will facilitate future operations in this country and new contractual opportunities. Finally, our company, aware that sustainable development goals are now a global concern, has signed the United Nations Global Compact.


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