ADB seminar in Milan

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On Tuesday 3rd December, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) held a seminar focused on participation in tenders and procurement in the field of engineering services of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). INTEGRA AES was attending, represented by our Head of Business Development.

A Senior Procurement Specialist from the ADB thoroughly explained the procurement system and gave some tips on how to be successful with the ADB business opportunities.

The objective of the seminar was to facilitate the participation of Italian companies in the procurement of ADB services in the field of consulting and infrastructures. The participants got a comprehensive picture of ADB’s activities and its peculiarities compared to other Multilateral Development Banks.

INTEGRA AES is already familiar with Multilateral Development Bank procurement, with already several contracts achieved in the Middle East, however intends to invest in its long-term vision, expanding activities in a wider geographical area.

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