4th OICE Report on BIM tender procedures

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INTEGRA AES, in line with supporting the research, analysis and data processing of sector trends developed by OICE, sponsored the Presentation of the “4th OICE Report on BIM tender procedures” for year 2020.

The event, held on 25th February, presented the results of the study conducted by analyzing year 2020 Public Tenders which involved the use of digital BIM methodologies. After a steady growth in 2019, there has been a further 17.2% increase in the number of this type procurement procedures in 2020. It is also to be mentioned the increasingly frequent request for BIM Manager and BIM Specialist figures to be included in the design team as part of tender requirements.

INTEGRA AES confirms the great attention paid to the development of digital BIM methodologies, both through the constant professional training of its staff, and by the application of BIM methodology to the various projects developed.

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