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The infrastructure works for the expansion of the AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) Ground Operations Area and the Flight Area have been successfully completed.
The built infrastructure covers a total area of 26,700 sqm and encompassed the design and construction of new buildings for command and control activities, the new AGS Headquarters, three modern hangars, a new apron, and related workshops, warehouses, and offices. The works also included the renovation of existing warehouses for logistics and maintenance of the AGS aircraft.
Representatives from the NATO Investment Committee, the Italian MoD, the Italian Directorate General of Works and State Property, NSPA, and NAGSF gathered at the AGS Main Operating Base in Sigonella to celebrate the event in a solemn hand-over ceremony.
INTEGRA AES is proud to have provided A&E services in developing the design for bridging facilities (currently operational), complex MEP systems, CIS and roadworks of various AGS infrastructures, and co-related management of H&S and works supervision. The infrastructure adopts measures to reduce energy consumption, thanks also to the installed renewable sources of energy (photovoltaic), and applies several criteria of environmental sustainability.
The enduring engagement of INTEGRA AES in the various phases of the project over the last seven years witnessed the high level of professionalism and commitment we spent with the precise aim to fulfill all Client’s requirements and expectations.

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