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Considering its activities, INTEGRA AES is constantly coping with Crisis Management.
The concept of crisis no longer represents an exceptional situation, resulting now in a structural phenomenon. Through exchanging thoughts with high-level stakeholders, INTEGRA AES Management has recently acquired inputs on how to deal with situations that are likely to damage the company’s performance and reputation. The topic has been discussed during an EY event, with contributions provided at the highest levels of competence and professionalism. The goal was to identify measures to be activated to prevent, manage and mitigate the negative consequences of the crisis in operational theatres.
In its activity, INTEGRA AES has developed awareness of this issue. This experience, guided by standard procedures for managing crisis situations, makes us aware that it is necessary to adopt specific safety and security management protocols to be integrated into Company quality processes.
These considerations are relevant in particular in view of the new challenges INTEGRA AES is about to face, even in areas characterized by complex threat scenarios, and that will be reported in the upcoming news. Stay tuned!

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