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What are cookies?

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Types of Cookies:

Necessary or Technical Cookies: These are tools that allow you to perform a specific task on the web. In essence, they are nothing more than purely technical computer enabling the website you are visiting to perform specific activities. This is a service, therefore, that has a purely functional role.

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Profiling Cookies: This includes marketing cookies. Unlike the above, profiling cookies are developed with the specific purpose of shaping each user’s profile in order to tailor advertising messages. This means that the ultimate purpose of these cookies is different from that of the previous ones and that, therefore, they are aimed solely and exclusively at understanding the preferences of individual users in such a way as to submit to them during navigation content designed and plausibly of interest to them.

In this information notice you will find all types of technical cookies used by this Website with their function.

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Cookie list of this website:

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