Project Information

Preliminary and Detailed Design , Support during tender.


Kabul, Afghanistan

This building is aimed at the relocation of WFP country office to support the operations of their teams operating in Kabul.  Like every project carried out for a UN agency which operates in sensitive areas, security is an essential component of the project.

In fact, the building is designed with structural components to resist the effects of blast loads, with limited windows, reinforced concrete frame with external reinforce concrete walls and reinforced concrete roof, and it was also studied taking in consideration the seismic and sustainability aspects. The exterior facades have been developed taking in consideration local materials and local styles.

Equally important is the modern and functional aspect of the offices in response to the needs of a dynamic and flexible working environment for this international organization. The functional structure is studied to allow smart-working and co-working activities. For example, the flexibility of the large conference room will be guaranteed by maneuverable partitions that will allow rearranging the configuration of the meeting rooms quickly according to the different needs.

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