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A&E services

Constantly the staff of INTEGRA AES performs services in urban planning, architecture and civil engineering. The Technical Direction has distinguished itself for the capacity to manage projects in a very vast field (operating also[…]  More

Logistic services

LOGICA ILS, company belonging to INTEGRA AES Group, is able to provide timely and fast services in the Facility Management field. This goal is reached thanks to the integration of technical, economic and financial management principles […] More

Inspection of work

The inspection services of the work include the activities through which, at the request and on behalf of the second or third parties, we examine the outcome of the various phases of development of a constructive process, in order […]More

Web Services

INTEGRA AES, beside the professional activities, offers advanced web services through its dedicated branch ResourceStorage (RS™). In this way all the subjects involved in the process, if previously authorized […]More


  • ceres_y+ce_y_rgb - Copia

    New CERES brewpub in Rome

    INTEGRA AES has been selected for project management services for the construction of a new brewery in Rome. Thanks to the experience of its team in the management of complex[...more..]
  • amianto-rimozione


    INTEGRA AES has been awarded for technical services in the field of  environmental protection. INTEGRA AES will develop services of detailed design, works direction, H&S coordination (over design and execution[...more..]
  • mappa-dell-algeria-54658557

    INTEGRA AES returns in North Africa

    INTEGRA AES will return to furnish engineering services in North Africa in addition to its works done in Lybia, Tunisia and Algeria. In fact, thanks to the expertise and technical[...more..]
  • baghdad1


    INTEGRA AES consolidates its presence in Iraq. Indeed, in addition to its current activity in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, INTEGRA AES will deal with a new project in Baghdad. Thanks[...more..]

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