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Thanks to its professional network and highly specialized technical team, INTEGRA AES has been chosen to provide its services also in Iraq, working in support of Italian firms located in the area.

The activities, that will be carried out by INTEGRA AES in the Iraqi territory, regards the so-called Real Life Support operations. Such interventions concern those structures and services necessary to day-to-day living in remote site locations; among others, they include the realization of road infrastructures, housing services, leisure and sports facilities as well as the provision of general utilities and the design of force protection measures.

By means of such geographical expansion to a complex and multifaceted area like Iraq is, INTEGRA AES warmly welcomes the possibility to give further evidence of its know-how and professionalism, that have always distinguished the firm, and to cooperate with other Italian economic agents, that, like INTEGRA AES, target more and more challenging areas.

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