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On 18 July 2017, the annual survey data on the performance of OICE / CER engineering companies was presented.

After years of hardship, the survey data show clear signs of recovery in the industry. The value of production, as well as the number of contracts acquired, shows for 2017 the consolidation of the growth trend recorded in 2016.
The study has shown that more structured companies, both in Italy and abroad, have faced the crisis better and are recovering and regain market shares more rapidly, with the best performance being recorded in energy, transport and building.
Due to their increased production capacity, companies with more than 50 employees are more likely to invest in technology, research and innovation, with particular interest in software (BIM etc.), hardware and staff training. It is also noted that more organized companies are also able to better accommodate opportunities offered by different markets by increasing the order book. On the subject of workforce, a substantial stability is expected. The results of the study further encourage the pursuit of INTEGRA AES business policies, which continues in the process of growth and structuring, dictated by the complex market dynamics of these years.

Edition n.33 Annual survey on Italian engineering companies (Italian Version)

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