Surveillance System North Europe

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INTEGRA AES recently provided the feasibility study and the design for the “Wide Areas Surveillance System” (WASS) of a military Air Base in Northern Europe.

First our firm has identified the potential weaknesses of the existing protection measures in order to define upgraded measures and new systems to put in place to ensure the highest standards of security of this sensitive facility.

Our experts in security systems have designed an integrated system allowing to detect and track intruders. This system included device such as thermal cameras, IDS, Fixed cameras with IR, high definition microwave radars, etc.

The engineering design also included the civil works such as electrical and hydraulic systems necessary to operate the WASS (ducting/cabling), command and control centers, replacement/integration of perimeter fence, new vehicle roads, replacement or integration of access gates for vehicles, aircrafts and pedestrians, guardhouses, site clearance and trees thinning.

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