Power supply systems in Afghanistan

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INTEGRA AES has recently completed the 100% design of the new electrical system for two important military compounds in Afghanistan.

Our involvement will continue during the construction works, which are already in the contracting phase, to provide Quality Assurance support services in order to ensure the highest standards of quality of the works performed.

In line with our company’s environmental commitment, the project has been carefully thought-through in order to develop the lowest emission energy solutions. The design combines the improvement of the power generation capacity of existing generators and the construction of new facilities aimed at the connection to the Afghan power grid.

The project is the result of a long-term assessment carried out in the previous years, which has allowed to define the best and the most reliable options for local power supply enhancement. Some of this result was achieved through the collaboration with the Afghan Electric Company DABS and through the progress on the reliability of the national electric supply in this post-conflict area.

This project required a deep understanding of the local conditions and the expertise of our most qualified electrical engineers.

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