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INTEGRA AES supports the OICE Annual Survey on the trend of the sector of Italian Architecture and Engineering companies (link). The Survey has reached its 37th Edition in 2021 and has been presented to the public last 14th July.

The survey elaborates a balance for the complex 2020 and offers the first projections on 2021 trends. The findings of the survey are particularly encouraging and recorded a 3.5% increase in production for the past year (quite 3 billion euros). For 2021, an increase of 15.5% and production of almost 3.5 billion euros are expected. The expansion phase fully involves companies of all sizes, with a dispersion of growth rates lower than that found in past editions of the survey. The survey shows that foreign markets remain the main outlet, albeit slightly decreasing compared to 2019. This figure in any case is part of a context of particularly robust growth of the domestic market (+ 22.2% on 2019), and of a simultaneous expansion of the foreign market (+ 17.6% in the two-year period). A further relevant data is the great interest in BIM design methods, in which almost 90% of the companies surveyed have invested.

INTEGRA AES confirms its attention and involvement both on the domestic and foreign markets, paying attention to the high quality of its services and constantly implementing the range of sectors of activity and reference Clients. Great attention is also paid to the high degree of innovation of the outputs: in this context is worthy to underline INTEGRA AES specialization in BIM design that, as confirmed by the survey results, represents a new paradigm.

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