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    El Hammangi

      With the expulsion of the Italian collectivity in 1970, the cemetery of El Hammangi in Tripoli (Libya) was abandoned for...

  • Cultural Heritage • Design Buildings & Systems

    Sepulchra Scipionum

    In the Roman archaeological and monumental context, the Sepulchra Scipionum, along Via Appia Antica, has a peculiar relevance due...

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    S. Spirito in Saxia

    Santo Spirito in Saxia is one of the most important places of the historical-artistic heritage in Rome. Originally built on the...

  • Cultural Heritage • QA / Works Supervision

    Ex Arsenale Pontificio

    The scope of the work was the H&S coordination for the restoration, structural strengthening and recovery works of three...

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    Villa Sarsina

    Villa Sarsina, built in the XVIII century on the ruins of the Caesar’s villa in front of the ancient Nerone’s peer in Anzio,...

  • Cultural Heritage • Urban Planning

    Urban restoration in the Historical City

    Between 2004 and 2007, a series of requalification services was carried out in various parts of Rome; the interventions dealt...